Big Tester Tebloud

AI Powered Test Automation Cloud

A Tool Reflecting the True Value of QA Analyst

This is a tool helps the automation testers truly focusing on what should be improved in the application under testing. No need spending time on thinking about how to build a good testing framework or scripts. That has actually undermined the QA’s true value. No Setup, no coding, visualize everything.

An AI Powered Tool that is Adding Value and Enhance the Importance of QA Personnel.

Our design philosophy is not to replace tester’s job by integrating AI, but rather to enhance the value and importance of the QA team in the software industry by extending QA tester’s work results to be reused by other teams, for example customer support and possibly sales teams, or even by the end users.

The Only Automation Tool Catches the Speed of Agile

Speed is the most important factor to be success in this competitive market. Tebloud is the only automation tool that meet your agile needs while developing and testing your enterprise web application.

Major Features

  • Cloud and GUI interface based scripting environment. No need to install any dedicated script developing tool kit on workstation before starting the first scripting task.

  • Graph Model based scripting design. This feature is one of the major improvement to overcome the shortcomings of the recording based scripts, which is difficult to re-program and maintain.

  • AI machine learning powered. Automation Testers’ programming skills level are significantly lowered since AI in the cloud will automatically generate scripts with minimum input efforts from testers Testers are actually building test case models, instead of scripting or programming all the details.

  • The following AI features can significantly shorten the scripts development and maintenance cycle in comparison to recording based scripts or pure programming based scripts.

    1. Automatically create and maintain the web element locator. AI machine learning make sure all the web element locators will work without testers intervention, in case that developer has changed the UI elements after test scripts created or during the execution.
    2. Automatically identify web page without programmed page ID. In traditional testing scripts, an ID (for example, unique page title, or unique url) needed for this purpose. AI machine learning will automatically recognize it
    3. Automatically find test pattern, generate and maintain the needed testing data for data driven tests in the graphic models.
    4. Scripts and execution results are all modeled in graphic data structure. Machine learning or separate applications can be developed easily on top of those data, which can be used for other business, for example, customer support or sales assistance.

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